Veneers & Dental Crowns

Feel confident with your smile. Transform your smile with dental crowns or veneers.

Veneers and crowns are both very common options for dental restoration used to improve the look and/or function of your teeth. If you want beautiful, natural looking teeth, or you need to repair damaged teeth, make a great impression with natural-coloured veneers and dental crowns.

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veneers - Veneers & Crowns
cosmetic dentistry 01 - Veneers & Crowns

This patient was unhappy with her crooked teeth.
A combination of 8 crowns and veneers were used to improve her smile.


Veneers are a very thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the front of the tooth. Primarily used for cosmetic purposes, veneers can be used to improve the appearance of the front teeth. If you want to change the colour, size or shape of your teeth, then veneers might be the right choice for you. As a means of restoration, veneers work best if the tooth has a good amount of enamel and at most, has only a small crack or chip, or the teeth are slightly crooked. If you have tried other means of whitening your teeth without success, then veneers can be used to enhance the colour of your teeth.

Great For:

  • Improving your smile
  • Front teeth
  • Maintaining the integrity of the tooth
  • Changing the shape or shade of your teeth
  • Teeth that have small imperfections

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a durable, tooth shaped cap that covers the entire tooth.  Crowns may be fitted for cosmetic reasons or to protect a tooth.  Thicker than veneers, crowns provide support if the integrity of the tooth has been compromised. Particularly teeth which are structurally weakened because of a large amount of decay, a filling, a root canal or otherwise damaged. Ceramic crowns are a great option for natural looking teeth. The colour of the crown can be matched to your surrounding teeth.

Great For:

  • Back teeth
  • Teeth with structural issues
  • Teeth with a lot of fillings or a root canal
  • Teeth that have been severely damaged or broken
  • People who have a tendency to grind their teeth
dental crowns - Veneers & Crowns

As there are a variety of factors to take into account when considering your options for teeth restoration, talk to your dentist about the option that is best for you.

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