Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or root filling is performed to save a tooth when the nerve in the middle of it has become infected or is causing pain.

A root canal could save your tooth

A tooth can die for a number of reasons:

  • tooth decay
  • deep filling
  • trauma
  • tooth fracture
  • tooth or gum infection

When this occurs a dentist often has only two options: tooth extraction or a root canal.

The medical name for root canal treatment is endodontic therapy. A root canal enables your tooth to be saved by replacing the irritated nerve tissue in the root of the tooth with a filling.

Possible root canal symptoms

Symptoms that could indicate the need for root canal treatment are:

  • throbbing toothache that lasts more than ten minutes
  • spontaneous pain in your tooth
  • a tooth that is tender to bite on
  • your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures
  • an aching tooth keeps you awake at night

If you have any of these symptoms, make an appointment with one of the qualified and highly-skilled dentists at Manurewa Dental Centre for a dental examination and x-rays. We will advise you of the appropriate treatment for your teeth and discuss your options.

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